The A: syllacode of Authenticity


A:tsy Hea:tsy Ecstasy

AH (also AR) is the symbol of Authenticity. It includes the qualities of all symbols, in a latent fashion. It is your essence and source. Cast the presence of A: to cultivate the art of spontaneity and joy, to enable you to be inspired and inspiring. It is a roar from the vital integrity within yourself, not yoursell. Through A: you can identify what comes from your heart vs. your wound. You welcome all that is happening as it is, while you engage in a quest beyond limits. This requires courage, so build an identity that is both local and global, personal and omnipresent, to gain inexhaustible resources.



The pearl in me shines in all directions
And my joy adds a sparkle to the light. 
The pond in me darkens in fathomless depth,
In my silence between each heartbeat.



(a:) like in Bali

mantra oracle cards

The syllacodes introduce themselves

"We are a poetic yet effective tool to align your life with your essence" says the Dy card.

"Each one of us presents an aspect of you that deserves attention and ignition. To cast our presence, let your hand and heart guide you to whichever one of us calls to you the most".

"By gazing upon us, pronouncing our name, reading our profile or even running your finger over our shape, you activate our power in you."

The Ah cards adds, "We are not here to tell your fortune, or even to tell you what to do. We are here to ignite what you already know, to kindle the fire of your deepest desires and help you be you".

Texte, images and research by Ariel G. Guerra

instructions and tips

• Requesting
• Drawing Cards
• Activating the Syllacodes


First describe what your session will be about. A situation that needs clarification? A decision to make? Simple curiosity of the current bearings?

As your intention becomes clear, define then how you’d like to interact with the syllacodes, before or while you choose your cards. Three common intentions are Freedom, Framework and Inspiration.

The cards will describe what needs to be liberated, and how.

The cards will describe what needs guidance, and direction.

The card description will give you an idea and information about the theme of the moment.

Then shuffle the deck, for example placing and moving all cards face down on a clean flat surface until no card touches the others.

Drawing Cards

Two common ways of pulling cards are the Syllacode card and the Aksu card

Syllacode card (one card)
Your intention is to draw only one card from the deck as a global answer to your request. If the card is a syllacode card, then pass to the next phase, Activation. If the card is the Aksu guide card, then follow the instructions of the Aksu card before passing to the Activation phase.

Aksu card (three cards)
With the use of the Aksu guide card, you’ll draw three cards to answer your request.

Take the Aksu card from the deck and place it far in front of you.

Now pulling the first syllacode, keep in mind that it will refer to your life, what happens to you, your concrete experience, and place it on the left.

The second card presents your essence, what comes from within you, your desires and potential, and it’s placed on the right.

The third card is the Weave, the part of your personality that binds you life and your essence, the bridge between the two, while you place in the middle.


Consider using three Sonic Wisdom decks together, allowing the same syllacode to appear for the three aspects, life, essence and weave.

In the case that you merge three decks of cards, remember to leave only one Aksu card in the deck. The two remaining Aksu cards together with other presentation cards, can be given other uses besides the session (see Other Uses at the end of this manual)

mantra oracle cards

Activating the Syllacodes


The most fundamental approach of Sonic Wisdom is to use your speech, because we consider vibration the most powerful point of entry between matter and mind, as well as a good source of cognitive feedback.

Moreover, each Sonic Wisdom card goes beyond sound and provides visual, kinaesthetic, artistic-intuitive, emotional and intellectual means to complete the activation of the card.

Understanding the meaning of the card

We encourage you to read the explanation of the card, its keywords and affirmation before activating it. As the card approaches the answer from different angles, pay attention to the words you stick to your mind after reading, as if you were to tell someone whatever you remember from the text.


Activate the Sound

You have the three modalities to activate a syllacode through sound: Freedom, Framework and Synergy.

If the intention at the time of your request focused on liberating something, then only utter the vowel of the syllacode.

If the intention at the time of your request focused on guiding or directing the course of something, then only utter the consonant of the syllacode.

If the intention at the time of your request focused on being inspired, then consider both the vowel and the consonant of the syllacode, pronouncing the entire syllable as described in the card, and at best, blending both sounds at the same time.

If you have several cards to activate, you may utter the vowel of one card with the consonant of another, depending on what was your intention.


Complete the activation

The sonic aspect of the syllacode helps us feel the vibration of its wisdom through the body. By adding images and movement, the answer becomes complete in you.

Each card contains a visual presentation of the syll. When you emit the sound of the card, focus on the shape of the syllacode by looking at it or through visualization.

Pass the tip of your thumb along the syll's shape back and forth, stopping and continuing at any point in the drawing.


After activation

Would you like to go a little further?
As you play with the syllacode's sound, image and movement, ask yourself the following question:

What's happening in me as I'm doing this?

Do you have a smartphone at hand to leave a vocal note? Or simply a notebook and a pen? Take note of the answer even if it looks silly ... then ask yourself the same question several times as you continue activating your voice and attention.

What's happening in me as I'm doing this?

At the end keep this in mind: another person is performing the same sound right now and yet answering a totally different thing. Your series of answers is your personal treasure.

Congratulations! You have implemented the sonic wisdom to your questions, and revelations.


Other Uses

Now that the Sonic Wisdom of the cards has been activated in you, you may also want to extend the effect of your session by transferring it to an object. This is a powerful mnemonic device. Have fun!

Take an object of your preference. It can be a glass of water, a food supplement, a stone, a True Story emblem - everything you want to transfer the benefits of the session to.

Place your object on the back of an Aksu card while you pronounce the syllable of your answer. You may add the sylls used during the session.

You can also leave a card permanently under a water filter or any other type of food, in a wallet, a bag or a suitcase.


If you leave the cards next to a smartphone or other device that generates strong magnetic fields, clean their magnetic side of the cards from time to time, by exposing them to sunlight reflected on water. Contact us for further instructions on how to use your deck.

Thank you for reading and have a good trip to the Sonic Wisdom card universe.